PsyncX no longer active or supported (10.15.2011)

Reluctantly, I've been coming to the conclusion that maintaining PsyncX isn't viable long-term, either on my end or technologically. It's hard to imagine this tool's been around since 2003.

With a growing business on my hands, I'm also facing

  1. code that isn't supported / updated /maintained any longer by its original programmer (he recommends we move to using rsync)
  2. code that doesn't run on 64-bit machines, which is what Apple is heading to for all their computers
  3. code that uses Carbon, which will be phased out by Apple at some point soon
  4. a decrease in spare time to keep working on PsyncX for free

With all of that said, PsyncX is officially unsupported. It will run (and continue to run) on Mac OS X 10.4 and (if you follow the psync complication instructions at the bottom of the About page), it should run successfully on 10.5 as well. 10.6 may not work, depending on the processor you use (if you have a 64-bit processor, as I do, it doesn't compile). And with 10.7, I doubt it will work at all.

Thanks for the support and emails over the years, it's been fun. But it looks best for us all if we move on.

- David


PsyncX is designed to let you effortlessly backup whichever folders or hard drives are important to you. To that end we work our hearts out to make sure that your expectations don't get disappointed.

PsyncX 2.2.2 released (7.7.07)

I've just updated PsyncX to 2.2.2, which fixes the infamous donation sheet bug. You can download it here.

What changed in the latest few releases?

v2.2.2 - Fixed the donation sheet bug
v2.2 - Created a Universal binary
- Created an installer that works with 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4
- Updated file locations (Unix files are now back in /usr/local where they belong)
- The installer cleans up after former installs
- psync.log files in /var/log are now rotated properly using /etc/weekly.local
- Fixed a bug that would cause PsyncX to crash on if psync cron lines weren't exactly right
- Now you can specify whether to run a job as root or not.
- Tweaked the interface to work better
- Added a Dutch localization
v2.1.1fixed the runpsync application which is responsible for logging all information to /var/log/psync.log sent to and from psync
v2.1Got PsyncX (and psync) working when installed on 10.3 "Panther".
NOTE: Version 2.1 and higher are currently NOT compatible with 10.2 "Jaguar"
v2.0Added the much requested ability to delete old backups :-) Also added an easy way of seeing all current backups and added translations in French, German, and Japanese.


Finally, our page wouldn't be complete without mentioning that we are indebted to SourceForge for their support of this project.